Public Information

The Public Information and Government Relations (PIGR) Office produces all college promotional and marketing materials, which include college publications such as the academic catalog, course guides and schedules, and program literature. This includes the HCC website, institutional videos, and all college-related social media content.

Communications Standards

Media Inquiries & Government Relations

The Public Information Office also serves as gatekeeper for the release of information to the media and other external audiences. College staff members who are contacted by news reporters or other media officials should contact Beth Kirkpatrick at ext. 2265 before speaking to the press or disseminating college‐related information to the media.

News & Events


Project Requests

    All promotional advertising for programs, courses, and special initiatives is handled through PIGR. Examples of paid advertising include newspaper, radio, television, print, or Web ads.
    PIGR works closely with Digital Printing and Design Services (DPDS) on all promotional and marketing materials for HCC. Faculty and staff should contact PIGR with their request prior to submitting a production requisition to DPDS. Please note that all marketing and promotional materials intended for public consumption must be approved by Beth Kirkpatrick prior to distribution.This includes posters, flyers, postcards, fact sheets, handouts, booklets, and brochures.

Social Media

Web & Multimedia

The PIGR Office works closely with both the Instructional Technology and Online Education (ITOE) Department and the Information Technology (IT) Department to create college videos and to maintain the college website.

    The HCC website is maintained by PIGR. The IT Department manages WebAdvisor, Datatel, and Microsoft Outlook. Learn more on the Web & Multimedia page.
    PIGR handles all promotional photography for the college including special events and student photoshoots. Photo requests must be made in advance of an event.
    All promotional and advertising videos are created by PIGR. Examples include videos to highlight a specific program, grant, or other special initiative. Instructional videos (including lecture capture) and full-length event videos (such as graduation) are handled by ITOE. Learn more on the Web & Multimedia page.