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Supplemental Application for Radiography Program


The application, official transcripts from all colleges attended (HCC calculates cumulative GPA from all colleges attended), the Radiography Observation form (forms older than 3 years will not be accepted), and any applicable test scores (including SAT/ACT/AP or TEAS (if needed) must be received by February 1 to be eligible for the program.  Students must submit official scores for the ACT® WorkKeys® National Career Readiness Assessments. The assessments measure foundational skills required for entry in the radiography program. Applicants need to achieve a WorkKeys® assessment level of 5 in Applied Math, 3 in Graphic Literacy, and 4 in Workplace Documents taken within the last three years.  Program acceptance or denial letters will be mailed in mid-March.

Program Facts

  • Program begins in May. Notification regarding acceptance into the program is mailed by late-March.
  • A mandatory orientation for accepted students and selected waitlist students on Thursday, April 4th from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
  • At the time of application, applicants must be eligible to enter college level Math and English. For the 3-year Pathway, applicants must have a minimum of 16 credits of the following courses completed on in progress at the time of application. The courses include ENG 101 English Composition, MAT 109 Introduction to Statistics or MAT 114 Introduction to Applied Algebra, or MAT 101 College Algebra, BIO 116 Human Anatomy and Physiology for Allied Health or (BIO 203 must be completed and BIO 204 must be completed or in progress), PSY 101 General Psychology, and Arts/Humanities Elective. Any student using AP scores to meet these requirements must submit official AP scores by the application deadline. Scores of 3 or higher will be used.
  • If the applicant has recently graduated from high school or are applying for the two-year pathway, the applicant must also submit their SAT/ACT test scores in English and in Math. If the applicant did not take the SAT’s and has not completed 16 of the required general education classes, they must take and submit TEAS scores. For more information on TEAS, visit www.hagerstowncc.edu/academics/divisions/nursing/teas. Applicants will not be considered for admission to the program until they achieve a 69% or higher on the Adjusted Individual Score for Reading and an Adjusted Individual Total Score of at least 60%. If the applicant is applying for the 2-year Pathway, additional information can be accessed by contacting the Student Support Specialist of the Health Sciences Division or in the HCC catalog.
  • The radiography program is an oversubscribed program which means that there are more applicants than there are available seats in the program. Students are selected for admission based on a point system. Applicants are scored following the following guidelines:
    • Applicant has completed 16 credits or more of the Radiography general education courses, use GPA of program general education classes and cumulative GPA of all college courses taken to score (general education courses must all be a grade of “C” or higher to count and cumulative GPA off all college coursework must be a 2.0),
    • Applicant has completed less than 16 credits of the Radiography general education courses, please use SAT scores, if SAT scores are on file and were taken within 5 years of the application deadline,
    • Applicant has completed less than 16 credits of the Radiography general education courses and has no SAT scores on file, or did not take the SAT within 5 years of the application deadline, use TEAS Test scores. For more information on the TEAS test, visit www.hagerstowncc.edu/academics/divisions/nursing/teas.
  • There are also advanced imaging certificates in Computed Tomography Imaging (CER.CTI) and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (CER.MRI) available.

Additional Information

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