Hospitality Courses

Winter/Spring 2017

Food Defense

This course is the highest-level training course and certification designed for managers, supervisors, and leaders and a prerequisite. Topics will include: knowing the food defense role as it applies to daily activities; understand and implement the SHARE principle to operation; analyze the flow of food and how food defense is essential; and prioritize food defense activities. Food defense is critical to the safety of our world. The best way to provide food defense is to SHARE the responsibility throughout your organization. Our mission is to provide a comprehensive food defense solution that protects our global food supply from acts of intentional contamination, ultimately protecting public health, and the world's economy. Included in this manual is a SURE® answer sheet that will be used by the participant when taking the examination to become SURE® Food Defense certified. Once they receive a passing score, the SURE® Food Defense certification is proof of demonstration of knowledge. Each successful participate will be awarded a SURE® Certificate and wallet card.

Fee: $35 Materials Fee: $156 Registration Fee: $8

PLC-941-M | 03/14/17-03/21/17 | I. Staff | Check WebAdvisor for course details and Register

Summer 2017