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Department: Continuing Education and Business Services
Title File
Training for Dental Professionals Syllabus
O'Donnell Debriefing Presentation
MOVE Transportation/Distribution Grant Guidelines & FAQ
O'Kupniak Homegown EMR Presentation
Blow Dry My Eyes? Management & Review of Corneal Dystrophies - Todd Peabody & Jeff Perotti
2014 Tri-State Echo Society Compliance - Hilary Wilson
Optometry Program Agenda - 2013
Retinal Vascular Occlusions for the Primary Care Clinician - Todd Peabody & Jeff Perotti
Core Lab in Clinical Trials - Therese Tupas-Habib
Dyalram Oral Cancer Screening Presentation
What's up, Optometry? A Look at New Ocular Therapeutics - Todd Peabody & Jeff Perotti
Echo Risk Stratification - James Lee
Bittner Visual Function Improvements Presentation
Valvular Disorders: Aortic & Mitral Valve - Betsie Figueroa-Cruz
Bauman Game-Based Teaching Presentation
OSHA Hazard Communication Presentation
Laser Vision Correction - Sandeep K. Kakaria
Ultrasound in Space - Kathleen Garcia
Bronj Bisphosphonate Presentation
OSHA Infection Control Presentation
Cockrell Heart Failure Presentation
Perretta Simulation Scenarios Presentation
Dyalram Radiation Therapy Presentation
Dyalram Oral Cancer Reconstruction Presentation
Dyalram Oral Cancer Presentation
Food Safety Training Flyer
Rupert Simulation Moulage Presentation
Dyalram Oral Cancer Management Presentation
Sabia Non-Surgical Cardiac Treatment Presentation
Forneris Debriefing Faculty Guide
Bartending Fact Card
Drug Calculation Preparation Flyer
Customized Training Brochure
Sarasnick-Simon Understanding Tech Presentation
Pet Grooming Fact Card
Vaccari Tranesophageal Echo Presentation
Vet Assistant Fact Card
Weigel Lyme Disease Presentation
Real Estate Fact Card
Wilson Simulation Techniques Presentation
Childcare Professional Fact Card
Online Real Estate Courses
Dementia Training Flyer - May 6, 2014
Forneris Simulation Thinking Presentation
Cardiac Updates Agenda - 2013
Forneris Simulation Scenario 02
CDL Class B Flyer
Child Care Emergency Preparedness Flyer - 2013
Continuing Education Schedule - Winter 2015
Gaither Sonography and Stroke Presentation