Fletcher Faculty Development Center

The Fletcher Faculty Development Center can be found in the renovated Behavioral Sciences and Humanities Building (formerly known as the Classroom Building).

The goal of the new center is to provide resources that will strengthen the teaching skills of both full- and part-time faculty through professional development activities. Programs offered through the Fletcher Center will focus on a variety of topics including effective course development, effective teaching practices, and class/course management.

The center features an adjunct commons area for part-time faculty; the “Great Teaching Kiosk,” which shows video clips of highly skilled HCC faculty teaching in the classroom; and a private viewing area where faculty members can watch “best practices” videos. In addition, the Fletcher Center Resource collection contains over 150 books and videos. The topics range from teaching tips, assessing students to classroom behavior.

The Fletcher Center offers weekly drop-in sessions with the focus on the "four domains," which include curricular content, instructional design, standards of teaching, and measurement and assessment.

The center was made possible through a $385,000 grant awarded to HCC from the Alice Virginia and David W. Fletcher Foundation. To learn more about the Fletcher Foundation, go to www.avdwfletcherfoundation.org.

Faculty Resources

Additional Faculty Resources

Weekly Drop-In Sessions
The Fletcher Center has created weekly drop-In sessions with a focus on on the "four domains," which include curricular content, instructional design, standards of teaching, and measurement and assessment. Additional presentations are available throughout the semester that include special accommodations for students (e.g., universal design, Asperger's, deaf and hard of hearing, veterans (PTSD, TBI), etc.), Moodle / COAT / Quality Matters for distance learning, Camtasia  and interactive boards, and once a week Lunch with Best Practices.

There are over 150 books and videos in the Fletcher Center resource collection. They range from teaching tips, assessing student learning to classroom behavior, and a lot in-between. They can be checked out for the semester. Staff will be adding to the collection over time.

Adjunct Commons
The Fletcher Center shares space with the Adjunct Commons. There you can find computers, an all-in-one copier/scanner/printer, and additional office support services provided by Sally Matthis. There is lots of space for adjuncts to use as a working area and a place to meet with students. Adjuncts who use the Fletcher Center will have an assigned mailbox for their use. There are lockers for the adjuncts to put their belongings in while they are on campus.

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