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Student PsychologistThe Psychology Program at HCC features a pre-professional curriculum. It is intended for students who wish to attend graduate school after completing a four-year program at a transfer university. A wide variety of topics are covered including biopsychology and neuropsychology; learning and memory; health psychology; social persuasion and influence; child, adolescent, and adult development; forensic psychology and profiling; personality theory; personal relationships in families; interpersonal attraction; psychopathology; and many others.

Graduates of a psychology program may pursue a wide variety of exciting careers including clinical practice, business training and development, organizational consulting, law enforcement, government careers, marketing, behavioral science and neurological research, intelligence and aptitude testing, and human relations. While many careers are available to students after they complete their bachelor’s degrees, it's recommended that students plan to attend graduate school in order to expand both their knowledge base and their career horizons.

Program Requirements