HCC's English Program provides a firm foundation for students who plan to transfer as English majors to four-year colleges. The core courses expand a student’s writing ability and literature competence in addition to fostering critical thinking skills. Students who major in English are well-equipped to analyze, synthesize, and communicate well. These skills are in high demand across nearly all professions. English majors at HCC have the world open to them.

English Education

The English education associate of arts in teaching provides students with the core courses needed to transfer to a four-year college or university to pursue a teaching career. The A.A.T also enables students to transfer seamlessly to Maryland colleges provided the students maintain a 2.75 GPA and pass the Praxis I licensure exam. This program can also provide students with the education needed to teach English outside of the Maryland system. For students who want to teach secondary school English anywhere, this program will suit their needs.

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Potential employers see a candidate with an English degree as a candidate who can organize and disseminate information; who understands audience, tone, and purpose; who can think critically and clearly; and who empathizes with others. In addition to going into teaching fields, graduates of English degrees often pursue the following careers:

  • Local and state government
  • Public relations and marketing
  • Communications
  • Journalism
  • Grants writing
  • Technical writing
  • Library science
  • Management

Although a bachelor’s or master’s degree is necessary for teaching, students may enter many of these fields with only an associate’s degree, especially if they have developed a strong portfolio of writing and experience.

Earnings will vary by location, industry, education, and experience. Since so many careers require a solid foundation in communications, the employment outlook for students with English degrees is always good. In 2010, for example, average salaries were as follows:

  • Technical writer: $63,280
  • Writers and authors: $55,420
  • Public relations managers and specialists: $57,550
  • Advertising, promotions managers: $83,890
  • Marketing managers: $112,800
  • Professor: $62,050
  • High school teacher: $53,230

Students enjoy small class sizes and apply their acquired skills through active discussion as well as a variety of written responses. The English faculty hold master’s and doctoral degrees from prestigious schools and remain current in their fields of study.

While taking core requirements in composition and literature, students choose from a wide variety of electives, thereby engineering a foundation of studies that is perfectly suited to their individual needs. English electives include technical writing, creative writing, ethnic voices, contemporary literature, literature by and about women, Shakespeare, and mythology. The capstone class allows students to work closely with a faculty member to develop a portfolio of writing, reflect on progress, and underscore important subjects from each required class.

Students can also enhance their writing portfolios by contributing to the Hedge Apple, the HCC literary magazine. Editorial internships are available with both these publications, and HCC supports internships with various local newspapers and magazines.

HCC students majoring in English or secondary English education are also assigned a full-time English faculty member as an advisor. The advisor not only provides encouragement and support for students, but will help the student make sure they have the necessary credits needed to transfer to a four-year institution or pursue a writing career.

HCC offers students two degree programs in English: the A.A. in English and the A.A.T. in English Education. Both programs provide students with a carefully planned curriculum focused on writing, critical thinking, and literary analysis. The A.A. is designed for students who want to transfer to a four-year degree program or go directly into any field that requires strong communication and critical thinking skills. The A.A.T. is specifically designed for students who want to teach.

The A.A. degree in English transfers to four- year colleges and universities as part of a liberal arts degree with numerous free electives, and all credits needed to receive an A.A.T. degree in English education transfer to any school in the state of Maryland.

Many students transfer to Shippensburg or Shepherd Universities, both of which honor articulation agreements with HCC that allow students a seamless transfer of credits. Certain students even qualify for a reduction in tuition costs.