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The English and Humanities Division at Hagerstown Community College offers students a wide array of courses that encourage thinking critically about their world, synthesizing various ideas into a cohesive worldview, and gaining  the knowledge needed to be successful in their careers and their lives. A major in the English and Humanities field enables students to pursue a wide variety of careers, including law, publishing, education, research, or business. 

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Where have HCC theatre, visual art, music and dance students transferred?

  • Francis Welty – New York School of Art and Design, Painting and Drawing
  • Asia Medley – UMBC, Animation
  • Shelby Baugher – MICA, Painting and Drawing
  • Robin Sarmiento – Laguna State School of Art and Design, Animation
  • Mikayla Claiborne – Howard University, Photography
  • Zachary Boger – Shippensburg College, Drawing
  • Lauren Daye – Pratt Institute, Painting