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Computer Science

What is a computer scientist?

Computer scientists design and analyze algorithms to solve problems and develop and study the performance of computer hardware and software.

What is the computer science transfer program?

Computer Science is a transfer program designed to prepare students for careers in software engineering. It includes the study of computers and computational systems.  At HCC, this transfer program provides the first two years of courses needed to transfer to an upper division institution, like Shepherd University, and complete a computer science or computer engineering major.

Why should I choose the HCC to Shepherd Transfer Program?

For students who prefer to remain in the local area and complete a rigorous 4-year program leading to a stable career, the HCC to Shepherd Pathway is ideal.

The curriculum provides graduates with a foundation in programming, algorithm development, mathematics, operating systems, and networks through a set of core courses.

By completing the first two years at HCC and the second two years at Shepherd, students will have learned the fundamental principles and problem-solving skills so they become creative problem solvers, develop and manage state-of-the-art computing systems, and have productive careers in computer science by applying their knowledge professionally in the computer industry, or to pursue graduate studies.

Program Requirements