Brine Shrimp: Larvae and Life Cycles, the life of a Brine Shrimp

(El) Student use hand lenses, dissecting microscopes, and compound microscopes to examine and draw brine shrimp eggs, larvae, and adults. They describe how the animals move, look for differences between the young and adult brine shrimp, and try to determine if their shrimp is male or female. Students also estimate how many eggs are on their slides and describe how they made the estimate. This activity is modified for the classroom from Microscopic Explorations: A GEMS Festival Teacher’s Guide. 1998. LHS-GEMS. The Regents of the University of California. Teachers may have trouble keeping brine shrimp to adulthood. Materials available: Supplies list and directions, student worksheet for in-class activity grades 3-5, student hand out for pre- to early readers.

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