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Department: Technology and Computer Studies Division
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SDE 203 - Fall 2012
SDE 205 - Fall 2012
SDE 205 - Fall 2012
SDE 207 - Fall 2012
Simulation and Digital Entertainment Fact Sheet
Department: Developmental Education and Adult Literacy Services
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SDV 101 - Spring 2013
SDV 101 - Strategies for Academic Success
Department: Learning Support Center
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Searching Library Databases
Sentence Combining
Sentence Joining
Setting SMART Goals
Setup - APA Paper
Setup - Chicago Paper
Setup - MLA Paper
Department: Human Resources
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Sexual Harassment Policy 8069
Department: Student Affairs
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Sexual Harrassment Policy 8069
Department: Financial Aid
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SFAO Code of Conduct
Department: Student Activities
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SGA Constitution
SGA Election Flyer - 2013
SGA Election Guidelines
SGA President Duties
SGA Secretary Duties
SGA Senator Duties
SGA Treasurer Duties
SGA Vice President Duties
Department: Finance
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Sign Up for Direct Deposit
Department: President's Office
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Single Topic Regular Meeting - April 28, 2009
Solicitation Policy 8069
Special Business Meeting - August 16, 2011
Special Business Meeting - August 21, 2012
Special Joint Lucheon Meeting - March 15, 2005
Special Joint Lucheon Meeting - March 20, 2007
Special Joint Lucheon Meeting - March 21, 2006
Special Joint Luncheon Meeting - April 1, 2008
Special Joint Luncheon Meeting - March 15, 2011
Special Joint Luncheon Meeting - March 16, 2004
Special Joint Luncheon Meeting - March 16, 2010
Special Joint Luncheon Meeting - March 18, 2013
Special Joint Luncheon Meeting - March 20, 2012
Department: Mathematics and Science Division
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Snail Eggs & Embryology
Snail Eggs: Tracking the development of a snail embryo from ball of cells to beating heart
Department: Behavioral and Social Sciences, Business Division
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SOC 101 – Introduction to Sociology Master Syllabus
SOC 102 – Sociology of Social Problems Master Syllabus
SOC 103 – Criminology Master Syllabus
SOC 106 – Race and Ethnic Relations in the United States Master Syllabus
Sociology General Education Summary
Sociology- Program Outcomes Guide
Department: Public Information and Government Relations
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Social Media Guidelines
Social Media Policy 8095
Department: Health Sciences Division
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SPD 108 - Introduction to Human Communication Master Syllabus