Internship & Job Services


The mission of the Internship and Job Services Office at Hagerstown Community College is to facilitate student learning and development in the areas of experiential education, career development, and job search for students enrolled in the HCC Internship Program. The office supports the college’s mission to foster regional economic development by serving as a workforce development partner in the local community.


Internships provide excellent opportunities to gain career-related experiences and workplace competencies in a student’s chosen career field as well as to obtain skills that are valued by employers when hiring new staff. The eligibility requirements to participate in an internship include: active enrollment in an HCC Degree or Certificate program, completion of the internship application and submission of a resume, 2.0 or higher Grade Point Average, completion of 50% or more of the major’s program requirements, approvals from faculty, division director, and Vice President of Academic Affairs and Student Affairs or the Dean of Student Affairs.

All Internships need to be supervised by a faculty member who is responsible for approving internship sites, developing learning outcomes with internship site supervisors, and providing faculty supervision during the internship experience. Nursing and Health Sciences clinical experiences are governed by third-party accrediting regulations and are coordinated through the Nursing and Health Sciences Divisions.

Interested students may complete the internship application and attach a current copy of their résumé.

Application Due Dates

  • Spring semester: December 15
  • Summer semester: April 15
  • Fall semester: July 31

Internship Process

  1. Submit internship application and résumé.
  2. Meet with internship coordinator, review résumé, and discuss potential internship sites.
  3. Contact potential internship site and submit résumé.
  4. Interview with internship site and obtain signatures on Internship Learning Contract.
  5. Turn in completed Learning Contract to internship coordinator and register for class.
  6. Meet with faculty supervisor to establish learning outcomes.
  7. Maintain an internship journal logging your internship hours and duties.

Internship Forms & Documents

Resumes, Cover Letters & Interviews

Employment Resources