Administration and Student Affairs (ASA) Building

Administration and Student Affairs BuildingThe Administration and Student Affairs (ASA) Building offers students a central location to register for classes, apply for financial aid, pay tuition, meet with academic advisors, and request transcripts. It houses registration for credit and non-credit students, Financial Aid, Finance, Student Records, Academic Advising, Job Training Student Resources, the Information Center, and the Offices of the President; Human Resources; Internship and Job Services; and Public Information and Government Relations. The Children’s Learning Center adjoins the ASA Building, with a separate entrance on the side.



Advanced Technology Center (ATC)Advanced Technology Center

The Advanced Technology Center (ATC) was established to provide college-level education and training in applied technologies needed by the citizens of Washington County and the neighboring quad-state region. The Center also endeavors to assist in regional economic development and in the transfer of technology to local industries. The College’s technology and computer studies division is located in the ATC. The ATC’s Distance Education Center includes facilities for teleconferences, upper division telecourses, and interactive distance learning. It also houses the offices of the Vice President of Administration and Finance and the Dean of Planning and Institutional Effectiveness.



Alumni Association Amphitheater

Alumni Association AmphitheaterThe Alumni Association Amphitheater includes a state-of-the-art theater, dressing rooms, orchestra pit, performer restrooms, paved parking area, 672 permanent seats with additional lawn seating, lighting, concession stand, ticket booth, sky boxes, public rest¬rooms, and handicapped accessibility. The amphitheater was a gift to the College from the alumni and friends.



Athletic, Recreation and Community Center (ARCC)

Athletic Recreation and Community CenterThe Athletic, Recreation and Community Center (ARCC) was completed in 1988. The facility has a seating capacity of 5,230. In addition to sporting events, the ARCC accommodates large cultural, community, and social events. The building also houses the HCC Fitness Center and the Washington County Recreation Commission. Outdoor athletic facilities consist of tennis courts, a baseball field, a softball field, an eight lane all-weather track, a soccer field, and a cross-country running/jogging course.



Behavioral Sciences and Humanities Building - Closed for Renovation

Behavioral Sciences and Humanities Building

Renovation of the Behavioral Sciences and Humanities Building (formerly known as the Classroom Building) began in Jan. 2012. Renovations to this building will provide improved classroom and instructional space, upgraded computer equipment, and updated faculty offices and meeting rooms.

The Behavioral Sciences and Humanities Building will also be home to HCC's new Fletcher Faculty Development Center. The goal of the new center is to provide resources that will strengthen the teaching skills of both full- and part-time faculty through professional development activities.



Career Programs Building Career Programs Building

The newly renovated Career Programs Building was dedicated in 2009. It is now home to The Merle S. Elliott Continuing Education and Conference Center, with five conference rooms and an expanded Valley Eatery, a tiered lecture hall that seats 66 students, science labs, a comfortable atrium, an outdoor fountain, and outdoor seating area at the Valley Eatery. It is also home to state-of-the-art facilities for nursing, radiography and other health sciences programs, as well as the industrial technology program and HCC’s Reprographic Services, IT department, and campus mail room.



Kepler Center Kepler Center

Featuring the renovated Kepler Theater and the new Performing and Visual Arts Education Center at Kepler

In Jan. 2012, HCC completed renovation of the existing Kepler Theater, which was first constructed in 1978. Renovation included the addition of the Performing and Visual Arts Education Center, which features a dance studio / black box theater, campus gallery, classrooms, practice rooms, art rooms, and faculty offices. The renovated 491-seat Kepler Theater renovation includes expanded dressing rooms, a costume shop, and extended wardrobe storage.

View the Kepler floor plan.



Learning Resource Center (LRC)

Learning Resource CenterThe Learning Resource Center (LRC) houses the William M. Brish Library, the Student Success Center, distance learning class¬rooms, a television and editing studio, classrooms, computer laboratories, and faculty offices.

The William M. Brish Library within the LRC, offers services to HCC students, faculty and staff, as well as the surrounding com¬munity. With over 50,000 books, 175 journals and magazines, 35 Web-accessible databases, 28,000 e-books, and a variety of audio and video recordings, the library offers materials for every subject taught at the College, plus a generous fund of recreational mate¬rial. The library also houses 75 public-access computers, two group study rooms, two conference rooms, and can seat over 140 people throughout its space.



 Learning Support Center - Closed for Renovation

 Learning Support Center


In January 2012, renovation of the Learning Support Center (formerly known as the Science Building) began. The building will be home to all developmental education and tutoring services, faculty offices, and three classrooms. The current science function of the building (lab and science instruction space) has been relocated to the STEM Building, which opened to the public in Jan. 2012.



STEM Building STEM Building

The Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) Building opened in Jan. 2012. This five-story, 65,000 square-foot structure is home to all the science programs, as well as the alternative energy technology, cybersecurity, mechanical engineering, and mathematics programs. The building features green roof components, as well as solar, wind, and geothermal energy components.

View the STEM floor plan.

The STEM Building replaces the former Science Building, which is currently undergoing renovation and will reopen in Jan. 2013 as the Learning Support Center.



Student Center

Student CenterThe Student Center, formerly called the College Center, is the focal point of student life on campus. The Hilltop Grill, HCC Campus Store, Student ID Center, Student Government Association and HAWK (student newspaper) offices are housed here. Students can hold meetings in one of two conference rooms, relax on the outdoor patio or the lounge/game room area and access the Web via computers in the commons area of the building. The Student Center also houses the offices of the Dean of Student Affairs and TRiO: Student Support Services.

The Student Center will be undergoing renovation and expansion beginning in September 2014. Although portions of the building will remain open during the renovation, the HCC Campus Store (Bookstore) will be relocated to the Robinwood Center until renovation of the Student Center has been completed. More information will be made available in fall 2014.



Technical Innovation Center (TIC) Technical Innovation Center

The Technical Innovation Center (TIC) is a full-service business incubator with a mission to help stimulate the growth of high wage employment. The TIC provides business development consultation services along with laboratories, office facilities, and flex space to life science, information technology, manufacturing, and other technology oriented firms. In addition to the center’s myriad shared resources, clients of the TIC can gain access to other HCC resources and student interns and graduates.

As a business incubator, the TIC can provide a broad array of back office services so that the entrepreneur can focus on product and sales development. Each incubating client receives a package of support services custom tailored to meet the firm’s needs. The TIC works directly with other local, state, and federal agencies to assist the firm in developing new technologies, markets, and funding sources. Existing businesses and entrepreneurs wishing to receive more information on incubation services should visit the Web site at or call the TIC at 240-500-2399.



Campus Gardens

HCC is home to 40 campus gardens, many of which date to 1966 when Dr. Mable R. Walter, biology professor and science division chair, and a beautification committee began work to preserve the natural beauty of the land. Throughout the years, College employees, donors, and volunteers have contributed to the development of the gardens, which include a rock garden, rose garden, marsh garden, and several memorial gardens. The College receives donations to help in the maintenance of the gardens and to honor loved ones through various plantings.

For more information about the campus gardens, contact the Office of College Advancement at 240-500-2348, or email



Rental of College Facilities

The primary use of College facilities is for the educational purposes of HCC students and faculty; however, there are occasions when areas may be rented for public use. The College sets competitive rental rates and reserves the right to determine the appropriateness of rental requests. For information, visit the Public Facility Rentals page.