Maintenance will be performed on the Moodle server on Wednesday, January 16th between 3:30 am - 4:30 am EDT, and the server will not be available during this time. Please plan accordingly. Users attempting to access the site while it is actively upgrading should be notified that the site is currently being updated and to check again later.

Moodle Access

Note: Firefox is the preferred browser for use with Moodle. See other browser recommendations.

What is Moodle?

Moodle is a course management system/e-learning program used by HCC for the majority of online and hybrid classes and as a Web-enhancement for some face-to-face courses.

First-Time Student Users

  • To login to Moodle, use your Active Directory username and password.
    • Your Active Directory username is the first part of your HCC email address before “”
    • Your Active Directory password will need to be changed prior to logging in to Moodle. Visit the Password Change, Reset & Enrollment page for more information. If you need further assistance resetting your password, you may contact the HCC IT Department at
  • Not all instructors or courses will use Moodle. Instructors will inform students if they have a Moodle site for their course. Accounts are only created for users who have at least one course using Moodle.
  • You will only be able to access course sites that have been activated by the instructor, which typically happens by the first day of the semester. If you log-in before any of your course sites are made available, you will just see the course catalog listing of sites.