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ACT WorkKeys Scholarship Program

ACT WorkKeys Scholarship Program

ACT WorkKeys Scholarship Program

An ACT WorkKeys National Career Readiness Certification assessment will provide you a start on the future. This evidence-based certification demonstrates that you possess the essential skills for workplace success. Interested individuals can complete the WorkKeys preparation class online or in-person and day or evening assessment times are available. 

The National Career Readiness Certification preparation class engages student with the anticipation completing the WorkKeys assessment. Students, desiring to participate in the preparation course, will meet in the HCC's Learning Support Center for a three-hour session to learn about WorkKeys, the National Career Readiness Certificate, and will complete a pre-test assessment. After evaluation of your score, students will begin their personalized online learning in three areas and the National Career Readiness Certification will be earned upon successful completion of all THREE WorkKeys assessments that include:

  • Applied Math
  • Graphic Literacy
  • Workplace Documents

Lessons are delivered via a personalized, mobile-based learning management system, so the program can be completed on any device. Tutoring will be available for all students in the Learn Support Center and administered by HCC staff.

Are you ready to start the scholarship application process? 


For more information or to schedule your preparation class and assessment, call 240-500-2236.

Scholarships are available for a limited time and will cover 100% of the cost.

Scholarships are made available through the following grant program:

Relief Fund

The Relief Fund is a short-term initiative is to expand workforce development courses for individuals lawfully eligible to work and reside within the United States and pledge to be substance free. Legal citizenship verification is necessary. Funding available until June 30, 2021.