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Retention and Registration (formerly Academic Advising and Registration)

Retention and Registration (formerly Academic Advising and Registration)

Retention and Registration (formerly Academic Advising and Registration)

All new credit students will need to meet with a Retention Specialist to register for their first semester of classes. Once registered, students who are high school completers should connect with their assigned Faculty Advisor based on their major to receive academic advising and guidance for future course selection. To find the assigned Faculty Advisor, please visit Self-Service and click on the “Advising” tab under Plan & Schedule area of the Student Planning section.

Retention Specialists are available to meet with students who need help with scheduling, changing majors, academic dismissal and reinstatement, academic probation, transfer questions and any time sensitive needs. They can also connect you with resources on and off campus, which can include mental health counseling and other community and financial assistance.

Early College high school students who are taking college classes on HCC's campus and/or online will continue to meet with a Retention Specialist to register for HCC classes until they graduate from high school. During their first semester at HCC, these Early College students will also be assigned a faculty advisor who they can choose to meet with, in addition to their Retention Specialists, for discipline specific advising.

Schedule an appointment with a Retention Specialist.

If you are undecided about your future plans, we would suggest you take a career assessment. Traitify or Focus2 Career links your answers to a certificate or degree program at Hagerstown Community College.

Our Retention and Registration Office looks forward to working with you.

Retention and Registration Office Hours:

Retention Specialists are available for walk-ins, in person appointments and video appointments Monday through Thursday 8:30am – 6pm, and Fridays 10am – 4:30pm.

The Retention and Registration office has also posted some new instructional videos that will assist you in navigating and understanding Self-Service. Please visit our Self-Service Tutorials page.

Early College Access Program

If you will be in the Early College Access program (still in high school/home school), and wish to take classes outside of your high school, either on HCC’s campus, or online, Retention Specialists will be visiting the local high schools to register you for your courses. If you are unable to meet with a Retention Specialist at your school, please call 240-500-2240, email or text 240-713-5132 to schedule a time to register for classes.

Registration for classes offered at local high schools will be conducted in the classroom when the class begins.

Mission statement: Hagerstown Community College’s Retention and Registration department strives to empower all students to achieve their personal, academic, and career goals by providing personalized, developmental advising to each individual student. Retention Specialists assist students in the development of meaningful educational plans that are consistent with their needs, interests, and abilities while strengthening their economic, social, and cultural life. Retention Specialists aspire to provide its diverse community of learners the guidance and support they need to be successful in the higher education environment.