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Student Services

Student Services

HCC provides students with many services and resources to assist them in getting off to a good start and maintaining a positive experience during their time here. The Student Services office is overseen by the Dean of Students who can be reached at 240-500-2526.

Student Activities & Student Life

You won’t want to miss a minute of the campus life waiting for you outside the classroom. The Student Activities Office, located in the Student Center, offers opportunities for you to connect with classmates and instructors, meet new friends by joining a student organization, go to one or more of the many campus events planned each month, or attend a leadership conference to gain professional experience. Learn more at

Student Affairs Office

The Student Affairs Office works collaboratively with faculty, staff, students and the community to support student engagement, learning and success at HCC. The Student Affairs Office houses the Dean of Student Affairs and her executive assistant. The Dean of Student Affairs oversees the following areas: Admissions and Records, Academic Advising, the Children’s Learning Center, Disability Support Services, Athletics, Financial Aid, Internships and Job Services, TRiO: Student Support Services, and Student Activities. The Student Affairs Office is also responsible for the judicial conduct process and all commencement ceremonies on campus.

Student Center Reservations

The Student Center has nine areas that can be reserved for events, including five meeting rooms and four open areas. Reserve space online for events using the Student Center Room/Space Request Form.

Student Religious Accommodation

Hagerstown Community College respects the sincerely held faith-based or religious beliefs and practices of all students and will offer, on request, a religious academic accommodation for such observances when a reasonable accommodation is available that does not create an undue hardship or create a fundamental alteration to the educational program or activity.

Requesting a Religious Accommodation

Students may submit a request for a religious academic accommodation by completing a Student Religious Accommodations Request Form. The Dean of Students Office receives the form and will reach out to the student, and faculty, if applicable, to begin the interactive process to discuss the request. Reasonable academic accommodations for students may include excused absences and/or alternatives for missing an examination or other academic requirement if the student’s sincerely held faith-based or religious belief or practice affects the student’s ability to meet the requirement as scheduled. Other reasonable academic accommodations may include modifications to dress/uniform standards or providing alternative assignments provided it does not create an undue hardship or fundamental alteration to the educational program or activity. All information will be treated confidentially and carefully considered. If the preferred accommodation cannot be provided, alternative accommodations may also be considered. To have time to evaluate the request, a student is required to submit the request at least 10 work/school days before the event /activity requiring the accommodation.

Required Space to Accommodate Faith-Based or Religious Practices

Students may submit a request for use of a designated space on campus for religious practice directly to the Student Activities Office in the Student Center, 240-500-2225 or, Monday-Friday, 8:30am-4:30pm. The Dean of Students Office receives requests when Student Activities staff are not available, 240-500-2526 or