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Bids & Procurement Board

Bids & Procurement Board

Bids & Procurement Board

Open bid opportunities

Hagerstown Community College strives for equal competition among all interested parties.

To view a solicitation, click on the bid title. You must complete a simple verification form which collects your contact information. This information is utilized to determine plan holders and will be utilized to create sign-in sheets, should the project require a pre-bid meeting. We do not sell this information; it is only utilized for the corresponding bid. Once you have submitted your login, the bid document and any applicable plans or specification documents will be provided through a link that will appear. Please note that the College does not provide solicitation documents in an alternate format from those posted on this site.

As a prospective bidder or offeror you are solely responsible for obtaining any addenda which are issued and posted on this page. Addenda to solicitations often occur shortly prior to bid or proposal opening (sometimes within as little as 48 hours). It is the potential bidder’s responsibility to frequently visit this website to obtain Addenda. You will not receive any type of automatic notice when changes are posted.

All bids and proposal responses must be submitted in a sealed envelope as specified within the original bid document. It is the offerors responsibility to ensure that bids or proposals are delivered to the Purchasing Department prior to the scheduled opening time stated in the applicable solicitation document.

Responses to solicitations are in hard copy format and in some cases require the submittal of the information on USB flash drive or CD. We do not accept responses via email, fax, or Internet.

The College reserves the right to reject any and all bids or proposals, and to award the contract in its entirety, or in part, whichever in its opinion best serves the interest of the College.

Bid Number RFP Title Pre-Bid Meeting Q&A Ends Bid Due Date Addendums
RFP HCC24-004
Facilities Master Plan Services RFP HCC24-004
Pre-bid Meeting Q & A End Apr 19, 2024
12:00 PM
Bid Due Date May 1, 2024
10:00 AM
RFB HCC24-002
Retaining Wall Repairs RFB HCC24-002
Pre-bid Meeting Mar 22, 2024
1:00 PM
Q & A End Mar 26, 2024
12:00 PM
Bid Due Date Apr 8, 2024
10:00 AM
Addendums Addendum 1
Addendum 2
Addendum 3
Bid Tab
RFP HCC24-003
OPEB Investment Management Services RFP HCC24-003
Pre-bid Meeting Q & A End Apr 19, 2024
12:00 PM
Bid Due Date Apr 30, 2024
10:00 AM
Addendums Addendum 1

Bid Awards


Bid Number Bid Title Open Date-Time Awardee Amount
HCC24-001 A/E for ATC Renovation 11/10/23, 10:00AM Noelker and Hull Associates, Inc., Frederick, MD $897,440.00


Bid Number Bid Title Open Date-Time Awardee Amount
HCC23-001 Credit Course Guides 08/03/22, 1:00PM KB-Offset Printing, Inc, State College, PA $192,870.00
HCC23-002 NACC Interior Demolition 10/26/22, 1:00PM Callas Contractors LLC, Hagerstown, MD $216,000.00
HCC23-003 Commercial Fleet Wrap Services 10/12/22, 1:00PM TransPromotion, Hagerstown, MD $72,100.00
HCC23-004 Bipolar Ionization System Upgrades 12/06/22, 1:00PM Enginuity, Mechanicsburg, PA $148,495.00
HCC23-005 Campus Bookstore Operations 01/04/23, 1:00PM Award rescinded on 04/06/23. Outsourcing canceled.  
HCC23-006 Parking Lot Solar Canopy 03/10/23, 10:00AM The project has been canceled.  
HCC23-007 Northern Avenue City Campus Renovation  05/02/23, 1:00PM This project will be re-bid as HCC23-012.  
HCC23-008 Library Services Platform 04/06/23, 1:00PM ByWater Solutions, Santa Barabara, CA $61,050.00
HCC23-009 Custodial Services 04/25/23, 1:00PM Olympus Building Services, Inc., a KBS Company, Tempe, AZ $872,843.40
HCC23-010 Health Equipment Maintenance Services 05/24/23, 1:00PM Budget exceeded allowable amount.  
HCC23-011 Title III Grant External Evaluator 06/13/23, 1:00PM No responses were received.  
HCC23-012 Northern Avenue City Campus Renovation-rebid 07/24/2023, 1:00PM Waynesboro Construction Co., Inc., Frederick, MD $11,956,498.00
HCC23-013 Title III Grant External Evaluator-rebid 07/07/2023, 1:00PM McIntyre Leadership Development Group, Fayetteville, NC $67,766.00


Bid Number Bid Title Open Date-Time Awardee Amount
HCC22-001 REIO Telemental Health Services 07/26/21, 11:00AM Award rescinded on 10/20/2021. The project has been canceled.  
HCC22-002 Passenger Buses 10/14/21, 2:00PM Rohrer Enterprises, Inc. Duncannon, PA $388,400.00
HCC22-003 Gaming Systems 10/15/21, 2:00PM HP, Inc. Spring, TX $69,173.46
HCC22-004 External Auditing Services 12/15/21, 3:00PM Clifton Larson Allen LLP, Timonium, MD $338,000.00
HCC22-005 Electrical Transformer Replacement 04/12/22, 1:00PM Grounded Electrical Construction, Glen Burnie, MD $106,500.00
HCC22-006 A/E for Bowman Center Renovation 05/16/22, 10:00AM Bushey Feight Morin Architects, Hagerstown, MD $415,706.00
HCC22-007 Non-Credit Class Schedules 05/12/22, 1:00PM Engle Printing & Publishing, Lancaster, PA $267,104.55
HCC22-008 Sign Language Interpreting Services 06/07/22, 1:00PM Frederick Interpreting Agency & HIS Sign  
HCC22-009 Design Services for Road Realignments 07/13/22, 10:00AM Triad Engineering, Hagerstown, MD $583,602.00
HCC22-010 Lawn Mowing Services 07/12/22, 11:30AM BrightView Landscapes, LLC, Clarksburg, MD $205,357.58


Bid Number Bid Title Open Date-Time Awardee Amount
HCC21-004 Accredited Operator for HCC Children’s Learning Center 04/05/2021, 2:00PM Little Jack’s Corner, Williamsport, MD