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Community Scholarships

Community Scholarships

Community Scholarships

Community Organizations

Local, regional, and national organizations offer scholarships to students. Visit the Local Scholarships page for specific information. 

Please remember never to pay for a scholarship application. Always read eligibility criteria, requirements, and application deadlines.

Where to Research Scholarship Opportunities

  • Local civic organizations
  • Local businesses
  • Local places of worship
  • Large companies
  • Your employer/parent's employer
  • High school guidance office
  • High school and college student organizations
  • Professional associations
  • Four-year college and university websites

Recommendations for Scholarship Essays

  1. Follow the scholarship directions
  2. Brainstorm ideas and create an outline
  3. Establish a clear theme
  4. Develop a strong introduction and conclusion
  5. Utilize clear transitions
  6. Incorporate specific details, examples, and stories
  7. Proofread carefully
  8. Ask someone for feedback
  9. Apply!
  10. Be careful with your information. You should not have to pay or provide information such as bank or credit card numbers