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HCC Discrimination/Harassment Complaint Form

HCC Discrimination/Harassment Complaint Form

Please complete and submit this form regarding your concern of discrimination/harassment. Your concern will be reviewed and investigated in a timely manner and someone in Human Resources will follow up with you.

Complainant Contact/Personal Info

Complaint Information

You are alleging discrimination/harassment based on the following (check all that apply)
Were there witnesses to the incident?

Typing in your name will be considered your signature for the purpose of submittal.
Please be aware that the information you provide is considered confidential and will be shared only with those persons who are considered essential to the investigation, have a legitimate right to the information to ensure due process rights or ensure proper processing of your complaint.

By clicking Submit, this form will be sent to the Executive Director of Human Resources or you may email it directly to her by saving the document and sending to: jachilds@hagerstowncc.edu

If the complaint is against the Executive Director of Human Resources, the complainant should contact the Office of the President to submit the complaint.