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Each year, more than 6,000 credit students and 7,000 continuing education students attend Hagerstown Community College. HCC’s Public Relations and Marketing (PRM) office uses social media to capture and share what’s happening on campus. These platforms provide a place for students to engage and share their experiences and accomplishments while attending classes, activities, and events on campus.

All students are encouraged to follow HCC’s main social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and use #hccnow to share what’s happening now on campus.

[social url='https://www.facebook.com/hagerstowncc' | icon='icon-facebook'][/social]    www.facebook.com/hagerstowncc
[social url='https://twitter.com/hagerstowncc' | icon='icon-twitter'][/social]  www.Twitter.com/hagerstowncc
[social url='https://www.instagram.com/hagerstowncc/' | icon='icon-instagram'][/social]  www.Instgram.com/hagerstowncc


Students are encouraged to post photos of themselves and friends on campus or on college trips to their own social media accounts and tag them using #hccnow. Favorite photos will be shared on the college's social media channels.

Note: Posts tagged with #hccnow are only visible if privacy settings are set to public.


Throughout the semester, the PRM office will promote student contests via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. All currently enrolled students are eligible to participate. Entries must be made public on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter and must include the hash tag #hccnow. All entries must fully adhere to Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook terms and conditions.

Contests are judged by a panel of HCC staff from the PRM Office. The judges’ decision is final. Winners will be contacted by the PRM office with instructions on how to pick up his/her prize.

Note: Social contests are not administered by Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.