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HCC Security Authority Reports on Campus

HCC Security Authority Reports on Campus

HCC Security Authority Reports on Campus

The list below is updated on a regular basis. Updated as of: 9/20/23

Athletics Department


Name Position Phone Email
Bob Rohan Director, Athletics, PE & LS 240-500-2367 rcrohan@hagerstowncc.edu
Amy Sterner ARCC Coordinator 240-500-2404 aesterner@hagerstowncc.edu
Jane Duff Office Associate 240-500-2451 jlduff@hagerstowncc.edu

ARCC Staff

Name Position Phone Email
Scott Jennings ARCC Associate 240-500-2366 sbjennings@hagerstowncc.edu
C.J. Owings ARCC Associate 240-500-2364 cjowings@hagerstowncc.edu
Jay Bidle PT ARCC Associate   jbidle@comcast.net
Kasie (Beaver) Nixon PT ARCC Associate   kasie.nixon@fcps.org
Thomas Burge Fitness/Faculty 240-500-2478 tkburge@hagerstowncc.edu
Bradley Colliflower Fitness/Faculty 240-500-2478 bwcolliflower@hagerstowncc.edu
Shannon Cameron Faculty 240-500-2247 smcameron@hagerstowncc.edu
Caleb Zecher Athletic Trainer 240-500-2363 cfzecher@hagerstowncc.edu

Coaching Staff 2023

Name Position Phone Email
Scott Jennings Head Coach, Baseball 240-500-2366 sbjennings@hagerstowncc.edu
T.J. Hose Assistant Coach, Baseball   tlh0415@gmail.com
Bernard Hopkins Head Coach, Men's Basketball 240-500-2470 bernard.a.hopkins@gmail.com
Gaither Owen Assistant Coach, Men's Basketball   gaitherowen42@yahoo.com
Billie Colby Assistant Coach, Men's Basketball   csbillie@hagerstowncc.edu
Jamiur King Assistant Coach, Women's Basketball   jnking@hagerstowncc.edu
Mike Spinnler Head Coach, Cross Country/Track & Field   spinnlerm@msn.com
Maria Spinnler Assistant Coach, Cross Country/Track & Field   mpsinnler@gmail.com
Dirk Schultz Head Coach, Men's Golf   dirkgolf58@myactv.net
Bill (Charles) Hoffman Assistant Coach, Men's Golf   billhoffman@myactv.net
Whitney Minnis Head Coach, Men's Soccer   wrminnis2@hagerstowncc.edu
Clifton Williams Head Coach, Women's Soccer   cdwilliams2@hagerstowncc.edu
Matthew Speaker Assistant Coach, Women's Soccer   maspeaker@hagerstowncc.edu
Rachel Matlock Assistant Coach, Women's Soccer   rimatlock@hagerstowncc.edu
Sierra Hill Head Coach, Volleyball   smhill14130@hagerstowncc.edu
Brooke Morgan Assistant Coach, Volleyball   bemorgan2@hagerstowncc.edu

School Based Clubs

Name Club Phone Email
Jennifer Suminski American Dental Hygienists' 240-500-2390 jasuminski@hagerstowncc.edu
Olusegun "Victor" Adegboyega-Edun Anime Club, Game Development Club 240-500-2361 oadegboyega-edun@hagerstowncc.edu
Bassel Franks Black Student Union 240-500-2662 bfranks@hagerstowncc.edu
Tammy Crockett Black Student Union 240-500-2482 tlcrockett@hagerstowncc.edu
Jim Pierne Business Club 240-500-2215 jgpierne@hagerstowncc.edu
Amanda Miller English Club 240-500-2518 ahmiller@hagerstowncc.edu
Alicia Drumgoole English Club 240-500-2306 amdrumgoole@hagerstowncc.edu
Audra Haddock-Martenot Graphic Design Club 240-500-2204 amartenot@hagerstowncc.edu
Doug Leisher Information Tech Association 240-500-2446 dkleisher@hagerstowncc.edu
Eric Schwartz Political Science Club, Sierra Club 240-500-2409 eschwartz@hagerstowncc.edu
Robin Shaner Robinwood Players Theater Club 240-500-2513 rlshaner@hagerstowncc.edu
Teresa Weedon Student Nurses Association   tmweedon@hagerstowncc.edu
Heather Barnhart SGA Program Board 240-500-2225 hbbarnhart@hagerstowncc.edu
Ed Bass Christian Fellowship 240-500-2465 eabass@hagerstowncc.edu
Christine Cramer Christian Fellowship 240-500-2321 cmcramer@hagerstowncc.edu
Liz Hadley International Club 240-500-2912 cehadley@hagerstowncc.edu
Charles Sheetz Pride Alliance 240-500-2323 cmsheetz@hagerstowncc.edu
Trish Horowitz Pride Alliance 240-500-2325 tehorowitz@hagerstowncc.edu

Behavioral Intervention Team

Name Position Phone Email
Dr. Christine Ohl-Gigliotti Dean of Student Affairs/Title IX Coordinator 240-500-2526 caohl-gigliotti@hagerstowncc.edu
Jaime Bachtell Manager of Disability Support Services & Cohort Programs 240-500-2273 jlbachtell@hagerstowncc.edu
Trisha Horowitz Retention Specialist 240-500-2325 tehorowitz@hagerstowncc.edu
R. Lee Smith Executive Assistant I 240-500-2526 rlsmith6@hagerstowncc.edu

Off-Site Locations

Name Position Phone Email
Theresa Shank Dean of Workforce Solutions & Continuing Education   tmshank@hagerstowncc.edu
Janie Spielman Commercial Vehicle Transportation Specialist 240-500-2578 fjspielman@hagerstowncc.edu
Mike Stevenson Coordinator, Commercial Vehicle Transportation 240-500-2626 mjstevenson@hagerstowncc.edu
Michelle Norris Operations/Enrollment Assistant 240-500-2562 mrnorris@hagerstowncc.edu
Jack Drooger Program Manager, Trades, Transportation and IT 240-500-2453 jadrooger@hagerstowncc.edu

Campus Police & Security

Name Position Phone Email
Eric Byers HCC Chief of Police/Clery Coordinator 240-500-2501 ecbyers@hagerstowncc.edu
Johnny Murray HCC Police Lieutenant 240-500-2214 jlmurray2@hagerstowncc.edu
William Alemar HCC Police Officer 240-500-2308 walemar@hagerstowncc.edu
Ramses Coly HCC Police Officer 240-500-2308 rtcoly@hagerstowncc.edu
Timothy Calimer HCC Police Officer 240-500-2308 tccalimer@hagerstowncc.edu
Carl Hook HCC Police Officer 240-500-2308 cbhook@hagerstowncc.edu

Human Resources

Name Position Phone Email
Jennifer Childs Director of Human Resources   jachilds@hagerstowncc.edu

Student Services

Name Position Phone Email
Heather Barnhart Coordinator, Student Activities 240-500-2225 hbbarnhart@hagerstowncc.edu
Jennifer Hockenberry Student Activities Assistant 240-500-2602 jlhockenberry3@hagerstowncc.edu
Bethany Starliper Coordinator, Early College Programs 240-500-2521 bastarliper@hagerstowncc.edu
Benjamin Ebertowski Veterans & Military Specialist 240-500-2377 baebertowski@hagerstowncc.edu