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Healthy Living Faculty Spotlights

Healthy Living Faculty Spotlights

Healthy Living Faculty Spotlights

Paul Cote, MS, PhD.

Paul is trained academically in the life sciences including physiology and infectious diseases and is a recently retired research professor from Georgetown University Medical Center. He is a 6th dan black belt in Okinawan karate and is a master level instructor of the Chinese internal arts, including xing-yi quan, bagua zhang, and taijiquan (tai chi). He has been teaching tai chi classes for HCC Healthy Living since 2007.

Jean Goodnight

Jean Goodnight has been teaching ballroom dancing for over 10 years.

Sylvia Rogers

Sylvia Rogers has been teaching arthritis exercise programs for 7 years.

Juanita Souders

Janita Souders has been teaching arthritis pool- and land-based exercise programs for over 15 years.