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Student Emergency Grant Application (SEG)

Student Emergency Grant Application (SEG)

Student Emergency Grant Application (SEG)

Receive Financial Help Due to Emergency

The Student Emergency Grant (SEG) provides emergency financial assistance to students experiencing an unexpected need impacting their ability to complete current classes or to secure employment upon impending career program completion. The application process for the SEG (funded collectively by HCC’s Alumni Association, the HCC Foundation, and the Opportunity Fund) is coordinated by the Dean of Students Office and includes committee review. College-related financial needs are met by putting funds into student accounts or charges to the Campus Store. Personal financial needs are usually through checks and online payments to third parties or gift cards. Students do not directly receive funds. Funding amounts vary. The FAFSA is used to verify financial need; evidence of participation in state or federal supplemental assistance programs (such as SNAP/FSP, WIC, TCA, TNAF, TAP, TDAP, CHIP, Medicaid) or other sources may also be used. Emergency grants do not need to be paid back.


Expenses covered by the SEG can include costs related to:

  • Personal financial needs such as: medical care, housing assistance, transportation assistance, car repair estimate/invoice, safety needs, replacement of personal items due to fire/theft/natural disaster, dependent care costs, short-term housing, utilities, groceries, testing and licensure fees required to secure employment, and more.
  • College-related financial needs such as: tuition, fees, books, course materials and other items available for purchase through the campus store.


Expenses not covered by the SEG include:

  • Debt payments
  • Non-essential utilities (including cell phone costs)


To be eligible, students must be:

  • Actively enrolled as a credential-seeking credit or non-credit student
  • In good conduct standing
  • Experiencing an unexpected financial emergency
  • In financial need, as demonstrated by the FAFSA, receipt of state or federal supplemental assistance (documentation required with application), or other sources
  • Willing to complete an online SEG application

Approved Student Emergency Grants are reported to the Financial Aid Office and may affect need when calculating eligibility and the amount of the award. Funding is not guaranteed. Applicants unable to be funded will be referred to available resources.