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Frequently Asked Questions about Driver Education

Frequently Asked Questions about Driver Education

Frequently Asked Questions about Driver Education


  1. How much do classes cost?
    Cost is $325 per student, which is among the lowest cost in the tri-state area.
  2. Are there any additional costs or fees?
    All classroom sessions (10 three-hour sessions) and behind-the-wheel lessons (three, two-hour lessons) are included in the course fee. If a student needs extra behind-the-wheel time, there is a small fee for extra lessons.
  3. Can I get a refund if I can't attend the class?
    If a class has already begun, the college will gladly transfer the student to a future course.  If that is impossible, a pro-rated refund will be given based on the number of classroom hours and driving hours not attended. If the class has not yet begun, the student will receive a 100% refund.
  4. If I lose my driver education class book, do I have to pay for it?
    There is a $25 fee to replace a lost, mutilated, or otherwise unusable classroom textbook.


  1. Where can I take HCC driver education courses?
    HCC offers driver education courses at two locations: HCC's main campus on Robinwood Drive and HCC's Valley Mall Center. Both locations offer classes to suit almost every schedule. Please check the driver education course page for the most up-to-date class schedule.

Taking Driver Education

  1. Do I need a learner's permit to take a driver education class?
    No, HCC does not require a valid learner's permit to register for driver education classes. However, a learner's permit is required for the student to do the behind-the-wheel driving portion of the class.
  2. How old must I be to take driver education classes?
    According to Maryland law, a student must be at least 15 years old. HCC requires a valid learner's permit, which a student cannot obtain until he or she is at least 15 years and nine months of age. The college requests that you not register until you have reached the minimum age to qualify for and obtain a valid learner's permit.
  3. I'm over 18 years of age. Do I still need to take driver education classes?
    Yes, any driver obtaining his other first driving license, regardless of age, must take driver education from a certified and licensed school. There is no maximum age for a driver education student. HCC has taught students between the ages of 15 years and nine months to 73 years old.
  4. How old must I be to get a learner's permit?
    You must be a minimum of 15 years and nine months of age to qualify for a learner's permit. Learner's permits are issued at the State of Maryland MVA. HCC does not and cannot issue learner's permits.
  5. I missed a classroom session. What do I do?
    It is imperative that a student attend and participate in all classroom sessions. Missing class is detrimental to the student and will negatively affect his or her progress in class. According to Maryland law, students are required to attend a minimum of 30 hours of classroom instruction. If any time is missed, it must be made up. If a student misses too much time (according to Maryland state law), the student will have to start over from the first day of class and pay a new course fee. Note: If a student misses his or her class, he or she cannot continue in that session and are required to take another course. All students must attend their first class (Driver Education Orientation).
  6. I have a disability. Is there help available?
    HCC is proud to offer disability support services as part of the college's campus services. If you need an interpreter, have a reading disability, or are concerned that you'll need some form of special assistance because of a disability, please contact the Disability Support Services Coordinator at 240-500-2273 for a confidential discussion on how HCC can assist you.
  7. I don't live in Maryland. Can I take driver education at HCC?
    Yes, HCC has had several students from other states take driver education classes at HCC. However, you must be aware of your state's requirements for driver training/licensing, many of which differ dramatically Maryland state requirements. Check the state's DMV/MVA website for more information on requirements specific for your state of residence.

Behind-the-Wheel (BTW) Driving Lessons

  1. How much behind-the-wheel driving lesson time will I receive?
    Each student is required by Maryland law to receive a minimum of six hours of interactive, BTW training. HCC lessons are administered in three, two-hour lessons or as needed based on student abilities or disabilities.
  2. When can I take my behind-the-wheel lessons?
    A student can take BTW lessons between 8 a.m. and 9 p.m., seven days a week. Each BTW lesson will be scheduled based on student/instructor/vehicle availability. HCC instructors can help meet any schedule you might have. Please note that the college is permitted to offer more than one BTW lesson in a 24-hour period (per student).
  3. What kind of car will I drive for my behind-the-wheel lesson?
    HCC has two automatic Ford Focus vehicles.
  4. Where do I go for my behind-the-wheel lessons?
    All BTW lessons, regardless of where you take your classroom sessions, begin at the HCC main campus in front of the Career Programs Building. Instructors do not pick up students at home, work, etc.
  5. How many students will be in the car when I do my behind-the-wheel lesson?
    During a BTW lesson, only one student and the driver education instructor will be in the car. Multiple students are not permitted.
  6. What if I miss a behind-the-wheel lesson?
    HCC requires that you give 24 hours notice directly to your BTW instructor if you need to miss a BTW lesson. If proper notice is not given, there is a $35 reschedule fee that must be paid before the next BTW lesson will be scheduled.
  7. Can a parent ride along for the behind-the-wheel driving? Yes, a parent or guardian is permitted to ride along if he or she chooses. A waiver must be signed.


  1. Are your instructors qualified?
    All of HCC's instructors are licensed and certified by the state of Maryland to teach driver education, with many of them certified and licensed to teach a variety of other MVA courses to meet your needs.

Additional Questions

  1. What do I do if I have more questions?
    Call registration at 240-500-2236 at any time. Staff will be happy to assist you.