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Learning Technology

Learning Technology

Learning Technology

The Learning Technology unit provides support to faculty, staff, and students in the use of instructional technology equipment in the classroom and other educational technologies. The unit handles all equipment and installations on campus and at remote locations. For additional information, please reference the LT Handbook.

Equipment Reservations

  • Please email learntech@hagerstowncc.edu for equipment reservations.
  • Include: Date, Time (drop-off and pick-up), Location, and Equipment needed in your email.
    • Reservations are available only to HCC faculty and staff. Students must have faculty sign out equipment for class-related use.
    • Equipment must be used on campus (including Valley Mall). Exceptions may be made for one-time, one-day use.
    • Reservations must be at least 24 hours in advance.

Audiovisual Equipment Repair

  • Please email learntech@hagerstowncc.edu or call 240-500-2587 for audiovisual equipment repair.
  • Please notify LT staff immediately upon discovering a problem. The sooner staff knows, the sooner equipment can be fixed or replaced.
  • Please include:
    • A description of the problem.
    • The location of the equipment which is in need of repair.
    • Date and time repair must be completed.


  • Please email learntech@hagerstowncc.edu for user training in classroom technology.
    • Trainings are available either one-on-one or for small groups.
    • Training sessions should be held two to three days in advance of using the technology. Please contact LT at least one week before you need to use technology that requires training.