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Diversity & Inclusion at HCC

Diversity & Inclusion at HCC

Diversity & Inclusion at HCC

Cultural diversity, equality in education, and equal employment opportunities are viewed as integral parts of the mission and purpose of Hagerstown Community College (HCC). The mission, values, and policy statements encourage and support diversity in the personal, professional, and academic development and enrichment of all in the College community. Globalization and diversity are also meaningful elements of the institutional learning outcomes at HCC.

Issues of diversity permeate many aspects of a campus environment, and each is connected with the others. Unless incorporated into the core structures of the College through strategic and unit planning efforts, little will change substantively. HCC’s strategic commitments and action plans help guide achievement and changes in policies and procedures, with the overarching values of equal access and treatment as the foundations. Simply recruiting a more diverse student body without attending to other aspects of campus life, such as intergroup relations, curricular change, faculty, and staff professional development, and diversifying faculty and staff, can result in difficulties for traditionally under-represented students. Comprehensive institutional change and integrated efforts are critical to providing positive educational outcomes within a climate of acceptance and respect for cultural diversity and equal opportunities for education, training, and employment.

Globalized and Diversity General Education Requirement

Candidates for the associate of arts degree must satisfy specific general education requirements including globalization and diversity. HCC students must choose one course from the approved list according to the specific requirements of their program of study. These courses are designed to explore and analyze new ideas, and understand the value of moral sensitivity and cultural diversity.

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