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Accommodation Request Pregnant/Parenting Students

Accommodation Request Pregnant/Parenting Students

In order for the College to respond promptly and equitably to accommodation requests, students are asked to submit a request with documentation in advance of when the accommodation may be needed.

Students are asked to complete the form below and send to the Dean of Students who serves as the Title IX Coordinator for students.

As we begin the interactive process to review your request for an accommodation, it will be helpful for you to provide the information requested below.

After the information is received, the Dean of Students/Title IX Coordinator will follow up with you directly and provide you the opportunity to further dialogue about your request, seek any additional clarification and then confer with faculty to coordinate a reasonable accommodation to support you as a student as well as preserve the academic standards of the program.

Please know that all information will be treated confidentially and carefully considered. Your wellbeing and supporting you as a student are important to us.

NOTE: The Dean of Students may request medical documentation as needed to assess the accommodation request.