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Campus Police Annual Security Reports

Campus Police Annual Security Reports

*Notice of Revisions to 2019 ASR and 2020 ASR*

In September of 2022 an internal review was completed of the 2021 Annual Security Report. During that review, errors were discovered in the 2019 Crime Statistics Data. The errors discovered were data entry errors made for crime statistics related to Non-Campus Property/Building reporting. In 2019 the Washington County Sheriff’s Office reported 2 Robberies and 3 Theft of Motor Vehicle incidents that occurred at the Valley Mall. Hagerstown Community College has the Center for Workforce Solutions and Continuing Education at the Valley Mall. Those incidents, reported to HCC should have been captured under the Non-Campus Property/Building Column and not the Public Property Column. On September 12, 2022 contact was made with the Help Desk for the Department of Education Survey site. The changes were made on the survey site to move the crimes to the correct location. The changes made to the survey reflect the corrected information.

In addition to this, there were 5 burglaries in 2019 that were initially reported to HCC by the Washington County Sheriff’s Office. After a closer review, it was determined those burglaries did not meet the reporting guidelines, set forth in the Handbook for Campus Safety and Reporting. Therefore, those burglaries were NOT entered into the 2019 Department of Education Online Survey site. However, they were inadvertently left on last year’s crime stats in the 2020 report. Those burglaries were removed from the 2020 report and a new report has been issued.

In accordance with the Handbook for Campus Safety and Security Reporting the reports for 2019 and 2020 have been corrected to reflect the changes listed above. For ease of use, all of the Annual Security Reports have been renamed to reflect the year in which they are reporting. The 2019 and 2020 revised reports are now being made available below in pdf form. The old versions, containing the data entry errors, will be maintained in the ASR workbook. Notice of the revisions and corrections to the 2019 ASR and 2020 ASR were sent out this year in the annual notice. You can find the updated versions of the reports listed below.

2020 Annual Security Report (pdf 1.03 MB)
2021 Annual Security Report (pdf 1.44 KB)
2022 Annual Security Report (pdf 936 KB)