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Public Information Request

Public Information Request

Requests for public records may be requested by emailing Senior Director of Public Relations and Marketing at or by using the form provided below. In general, the applicant will receive a confirmation of receipt of the request within 5 working days.

The College’s fees associated with requests for information are based on the time required to search, assemble, and copy the records requested. Fees associated with personnel's time will not be assessed for the first two hours (all time in excess of 2 hours will incur a charge and will be assessed based on their position grade). When electronic copies are not easily produced, a copy charge of $.15 per page if production can be made on a standard photocopying machine and $.40 for color. If records are not susceptible to reproduction on a standard machine, the fee for copies will be based on the actual cost of reproduction.

Fees may be waived upon request and submission of an affidavit of indigency. Review the HCC Procedures for Requests for Information for additional information.

HCC Public Information Act Procedures (pdf 23 KB)