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Federal & State Aid - Cost of Attendance

Federal & State Aid - Cost of Attendance

Federal & State Aid - Cost of Attendance

The following chart shows estimated costs and expenses for the 2023-2024 academic year:

Residency Status Tuition per Credit Hour Annual Tuition and Fees* Full Time (12 Credits) 3/4 Time (9 credits) Half Time (6 credits) Less than Half Time (3 credits)
In-County $123 $4440 $2220 $1665 $1110 $555
Out-of-County $192 $6570 $3285 $2464 $1643 $821
Out-of-State $252 $8430 $4215 $3161 $2108 $1054
Neighbor-State Rate $236 $7920 $3960 $2970 $1980 $990

*Annual estimated expenses listed above and below are for a two semester year and are based on a combination of tuition, college fees, and possible lab fees, as some courses require labs. Your actual billing may vary based on your credit load and class schedule.

Additional Annual Expenses  
Books and Supplies $1600 Note: All costs are subject to change at any time by action of the Board of Trustees of Hagerstown Community College.
Transportation $1180
Personal and Educational Expenses $1650
Room and Board*
Independent $13672
Living with Relatives $5950

*HCC does not offer on-campus housing. Estimates are from local rental opportunities in Washington County, MD.

HCC adjusts student Cost of Attendance (COA) amounts each semester for students who are enrolled as less than full time students. If your COA has to be adjusted, this can result in you being over-awarded financial aid funds. When this happens, the Student Financial Aid Office will need to adjust your total financial aid received to correct the over-award and you will be notified via your HCC student email account.