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Nurse Refresher Training Scholarships

Nurse Refresher Training Scholarships

Nurse Refresher Training Scholarships

This Maryland-approved program provides students with the required refresher training to reactivate an inactive Maryland Registered Nursing or Licensed Practical Nursing License. Students are expected to complete all three components at HCC to satisfy the program's overall requirements. 

Course Requirements:

  • Theory Instruction
  • Lab Instruction
  • Clinical Placement

Applicants must complete the following: 

  • Complete the scholarship application
  • Upload ALL required documentation
  • Background Check
  • Medical Release form

Details about the scholarship process:

  • Documentation can be securely uploaded through the application link
  • Scholarships take approximately two weeks for approval
  • Scholarships may cover all or part of the program cost

Are you ready to start the scholarship application process? 

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Scholarships are made available through the following grant program:

Maryland Workforce Development Sequence Scholarships

The Workforce Development Sequence Scholarship available through the Maryland Higher Education Commission (MHEC) is designed to provide all or partial financial assistance to students interested in registering for approved non-credit certification programs that lead to employment or licensure.