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Covid-19 Information

Covid-19 Information

Covid-19 Information

As our summer semester begins on Monday, May 24th, we are glad to share changing campus safety protocols, per changing Maryland public health guidelines.

  • Use of the GoEvo app or a GoEvo computer station on campus is discontinued.
  • Students, employees and campus guests are asked to self-assess for coronavirus symptoms. If you are sick, do not come to campus and communicate with your class in-person course faculty.
  • Wearing of face coverings is optional, indoors and outdoors.

We strongly encourage all members of the HCC campus community to receive a Coronavirus vaccine if able.


View credit course listings at and non-credit courses at

Coming to Campus/Check-In

While students, employees, and visitors are no longer required to complete a health screening prior to each campus visit. We ask that you perform a self-check of your health and overall condition prior to coming to campus. If you are sick, please stay home and notify your class in-person faculty. If have continued or worsening symptoms, please get tested.

Class Formats

Courses will begin meeting in person again. Check your class schedule to confirm the format. Mask wearing is no longer required, but you may if you like.

Roadmap to Recovery