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New Student Orientation

New Student Orientation

All new students must complete an on-campus or online orientation before receiving a Student ID Card or parking permit. The program is designed to acquaint students with the college environment, resources, procedures, and policies. A campus tour will be given by student leaders during the on-campus orientation. Pre-registration for on-campus orientations and campus tours is helpful, but not required.

New Student Orientation Dates

We invite all new HCC students to participate in our remote New Student Orientation program, aimed to ensure you know information needed to be maximize your student success! Each program will familiarize you with campus resources, college procedures and policies, and college basics.

New students have three options to participate in New Student Orientation:

  • Virtual Orientation – you do this on your own and take as much time as you need going through multiple slides. At the end of the slide show, you will be asked to sign in using your name and HCC student ID#. This orientation is available for completion at any time.
  • Zoom New Student Orientation – these “real time” online 60 minute sessions are for students who want to hear directly from HCC’s Dean of Students, Academic Advising, Learning Support Center and Brish Library staff committed to your success! Upon entering Zoom, you will be sent to a waiting room until the session begins. Please make sure you identify yourself on Zoom by using your first and last name (you will have the option to “rename yourself”); this will be our way of taking attendance. Zoom orientation sessions are recorded; participants are encouraged to turn off video and remain on mute if they are uncomfortable being recorded. Staff will remain on Zoom after each session and participants will be unmuted to participate in a Q & A session verbally.
  • Pre-Recorded Zoom New Student Orientation (passcode: ?wvuxC1v) - This 1-hour session includes short presentations about:
    • being successful in an online class format
    • help provided by the advising office beyond registering for classes
    • support services available through the Learning Support Center and library
    • using HCC's online resources
    • virtual campus tour
    • new student Q&A

Topics include:

  • Resources available on campus including:
    • Tutoring Services through the Learning Support Center
    • Library Resources
    • D2L
    • Self-Service
    • Campus Safety
    • Student Organizations
  • Tips from current students
  • What to expect your first semester
  • How to get involved in campus activities
  • Campus tour

Virtual Orientation

If you are unable to attend new student orientation in person, you may take a virtual orientation online. Please note that the virtual orientation is currently only available for desktop users and is best viewed in the latest version of Firefox. The virtual orientation may take some time to load.

View the Virtual Orientation

All new and returning students must either have completed the online orientation or the on-campus orientation to receive a Student ID Card and parking sticker. Fall 2020 – Student ID Cards and Parking Stickers will not be distributed until the week of September 7th. Students will not need these items for the start of the fall semester due to the coronavirus pandemic.