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Apply Online

Apply Online

Before launching the form, please either disable all popup blockers or add this site as an exception to the popup blocker list in your browser. Be sure to also disable any third-party toolbars that may have additional popup blockers. Android smartphones are not suggested to complete this application due to data discrepancies. Please do not copy or paste any information from a word processor (i.e. Microsoft Word) when completing the application.

ATTENTION: If you fall into one of the three below categories, there is no need to apply to the college again.

  1. If you completed credit classes within the past two years.
  2. You submitted an application within the past year but did not complete credit courses.
  3. You fall into one of the above categories and your address has changed.

If you do not have a social security number due to a specific visa type, residency status or being an international student, please leave the social security field blank.

HCC is rolling out a new application for Admission to make applying easier. If the Apply online link does not work, please use this link to apply.

How to create an account and apply online