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Application Process

Application Process

Application Process

Things you need to know:


Send transcripts to the Admissions Office if you:

  • Are a high school student taking early college classes on campus or online
  • Have graduated from high school or earned a GED in the last five years
  • Want credits from another college or university transferred to HCC
  • Have prerequisite courses at another institution
  • Are in the Nursing, radiography, practical nursing, or dental hygiene programs
  • Are applying for financial aid
    • Transfer students must complete a Transfer Evaluation Request Form. To ensure the successful transfer of previous college credits, students seeking a degree at HCC must submit official transcripts from all colleges attended and any applicable military transcripts to the Registrar's Office. A review of the transcripts will not be completed until all documents are received and a Transfer Evaluation Request Form has been submitted.  If the student has taken CLEP, DSST, AP or similar standardized exams, official score reports must be submitted, as well.
  • High school and Home school transcripts that are not from accredited schools or organizations, will be evaluated by the Director of Admissions for validity.

Take Placement Tests

Take placement tests of your reading, writing, and math skills at the Academic Testing Center. All students who want to register for a credit class must take the placement tests unless exempt from testing. There is no charge for the assessment unless you do not plan to attend HCC or require HCC to send your scores to another school. There will then be a charge of $20 to take assessments. To schedule placement tests, click here.

Test Exemptions

You are:

  • Exempt from testing if you have a cumulative high school grade point average of 3.0 or higher (must be within the past five years)
  • Exempt from the Math assessment if you have a SAT math score or 530 or higher, an ACT math score of 21 or higher, an assessment score of 750 or higher on the Algebra II MCAP exam, if you have passed a college level math course, or if you have a GED Mathematical Reasoning score of 165 or higher.
  • Exempt from the Reading and English assessment if you have a SAT Evidenced Based Reading and Writing score of 480 or higher, an ACT English score of 21 or higher, an assessment score of 750 or higher in English 10 or 11 MCAP English Language Arts/Literacy score, if you have passed a college level English composition course, or if you have a GED Reasoning Through Language Arts score of 165 or higher.
  • Exempt from all assessments if you have a degree from a regionally accredited college or university.
  • Exempt from all assessments if you are enrolled at another college or university. Required to show proof of enrollment and a transcript showing that you meet prerequisites for classes you wish to register for.

Meet with the Registration Office

New students are required to meet with the Retention and Registration Office located in the Student Center suite 110. To contact a Retention Specialist, email them at or text 240-713-5132.

Readmit Students

If you've attended HCC before but not during the last year, complete an application and submit it to the Admissions Office. If you are seeking a degree or certificate, you must complete the requirements for your program listed in the current college catalog.

Students with Disabilities

If you have a learning disability, you are encouraged to identify yourself to the disability support services coordinator as soon as possible after applying for admission. Reasonable accommodations based on documentation are offered to qualified students.

Proof of Residency

To be eligible for in-county or in-state tuition, you'll sign a statement on the application certifying that you've lived at your current address for at least three consecutive months. Adjustments to tuition won't be made once the semester starts, even if you move. Only your permanent residence may be used to determine residency. Documentation of residency may be required. For more information regarding residency requirements, please refer to the residency guidelines.

Visiting Student to HCC

A Visiting student is a student who is enrolled at another college but taking classes at HCC to transfer back to that college. Visiting students do not qualify for financial aid and do not select a program of study. Getting started is easy.

  1. Apply for admission. After you apply, we will send you an acceptance letter in the mail. It usually take 3-5 business days to arrive to your home address. This acceptance letter will contain your student ID number and your login credentials to login to our online resources.
  2. Send a copy of your unofficial transcript from the college you attend to the HCC Records Office at Your transcript must show that you meet the prerequisite for the class you wish to register for. If you do not meet the prerequisite, you must complete our placement tests.
  3. Register for classes on Self-Service. If you need assistance, contact the Registration Office.
  4. Pay your bill
  5. When you are finished with this class, request that a transcript be sent back your home college. Visit to request a transcript.