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Internship & Job Services

Internship & Job Services

Washington County Career Expo @ HCC

Save the Date to join us on Wednesday, April 17, 2024 from 11 a.m. - 3 p.m. in the Athletic, Recreation, & Community Center (ARCC) on the HCC campus for the Washington County Career Expo @ HCC. This event is FREE and available to anyone who is looking to discover job opportunities and pathways to employment in Washington County, explore community employment resources, meet many of Washington County's leading companies and organizations, or participate in career-readiness workshops and networking.

Registration opens February 1st at


The mission of the Internship and Job Services Office at Hagerstown Community College is to facilitate student learning and development in the areas of experiential education, career development, and job search for students enrolled in the HCC Internship Program. The office supports the college’s mission to foster regional economic development by serving as a workforce development partner in the local community.

HCC Internship Program

The internship course serves as a capstone whereby students may apply the knowledge and skills they have learned in the classroom. Internships provide excellent opportunities for students to gain career-related experiences and workplace competencies in their chosen career field, as well as to obtain skills that are valued by employers when hiring new staff. All Internships are supervised by a full-time HCC faculty member who is responsible for approving internship sites, developing learning outcomes with internship site supervisors, and providing faculty supervision during the internship experience.

Application Priority Due Dates

  • Fall semester: May 1
  • Spring semester: October 1
  • Summer semester: February 1


  • Submission of an application for internship by the publicized institutional deadline; and
  • Acceptable recommendation by faculty in a related field of study; and
  • Minimum overall GPA of 2.5; and
  • Completion of at least 50% of the discipline-specific program requirements in a student’s field of study, at least two of which courses are completed at HCC; and
  • Final course grades of A, B, or C in a student’s specialty program courses; and
  • Acceptable review of the student’s HCC conduct record by the chief student affairs officer (behavioral violations) and the chief academic affairs officer (academic integrity violations).

Credit Hours

Students may enroll in the internship course for 1,2, or 3 credits. The credit-to-contact hours standard is 60 hours of internship experience for each credit awarded for student workplace learning that is not governed by external accrediting bodies. Note: Nursing and Health Sciences clinical experiences are governed by third-party accrediting regulations and are coordinated through the Nursing and Health Sciences Divisions.


The Internship and Job Services office and faculty work collaboratively to facilitate the coordination of credit internships through the established internship procedures. In the event a suitable internship cannot be found, an alternative pathway for program completion, that meets the approval of the program director and the chief academic affairs officer, will be developed by appropriate program faculty. Internship sites must be within an acceptable distance from the college to enable site supervision by faculty and staff. Exceptions to internship requirements, that meet the approval of program faculty, the program director, and the office coordinating student internships, may be made jointly by the chief academic affairs officer and the chief student affairs officer.

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