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Interactive Design and Game Development

Interactive Design and Game Development

Interactive Design and Game Development

The Interactive Design and Game Development (IDGD) Program provides students with the skills to design and develop computer games for fun, advertising, education and simulations. IDGD teaches students how to use various programs and languages currently used by many companies in the gaming industry. IDGD is an area of study where students can learn to take real events and represent them in a virtual environment using computers. Students can break down complex ideas into a visual medium where they can be seen in an easy and understandable way.

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Program Options

Depending on your area of interest, The Interactive Design and Game Development has two tracks: Interactive Design and Game Development.

Interactive Design

Aimed at students with artistic bent, and interest in the visual look and feel of the game / interactive design pipeline, this track exposes students to 2d, and 3d animation, interaction design, user interface and user experience design, mobile application design for Android, game level design, look development, and visualization. Students in this track are also exposed to programming languages to enhance their employability, skills to create their own indie games, and ability to communicate with game developers or programmers. Programming in this track is rigorous but artist friendly (Students will be exposed to visual scripting tools) so that out of the gate students from this track can work with industry standard tools like Unity or Unreal.

Game Development

The ideal game development student loves programming and using the power of code to bring games and computer interactions to life. They get a thrill when their code enables them to create new worlds and experiences. Students in this track will be exposed to game programming, object oriented programming, user experience design, and mobile applications development for Android using Kotlin. Students in these tracks are also exposed to computer graphics so that they can communicate with artists and designers. Students will be exposed to Unity 3d, C#, and the game pipeline from start to finish.

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Student Work

Interactivity has become a large part of the IDGD field. A large portion of interactive media is in the framework of video games. Video game making has become a strong staple both in entertainment and in education. HCC's IDGD program helps students take a concept and produce an image or an animation. In conjunction, interactive components, as well as user interface design, and user experience, are taught to enhance the visual experience. Students learn how to design, and program using a variety of software, and languages such as Adobe Animate, Illustrator, Aftereffects, Microsoft Visual Studio, Adobe XD, Unity, Android Studio, C#, C++, JavaScript, PHP/MYSQL, and many others.

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