Douglass Day Celebration to be held at HCC | Hagerstown Community College
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Douglass Day Celebration to be held at HCC


Douglass Day Celebration to be held at HCC

(February 6, 2020) – Hagerstown Community College will offer a Transcribe-a-thon, in honor of Frederick Douglass Day and Black History Month, on Friday, Feb. 14, from 12 to 3 p.m., in the Learning Resource Center, room 259.

The Transcribe-a-thon, an online crowdsourcing project, will focus on transcribing digitized records from the papers of Anna Julia Cooper, a visionary black feminist, teacher, leader, and intellectual. The project will bring African American history to digital life, joining forces with more than 1,500 people at 45 locations across North America and Europe.  

Members of the public, especially teachers and students, are invited to attend. Participation is free and no experience or equipment is required. The 2020 edition of Douglass Day is a partnership between a large number of universities, research groups, and public school districts.

To register online, visit or call 240-500-2237. For more information, visit