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Developmental Education

Developmental Education

Developmental Education

The Developmental Education programs and services support academic preparedness necessary for students to be successful in college credit courses. At HCC, we firmly believe and support getting students started in credit-bearing coursework earlier rather than later is essential. 

So, you took Accuplacer, and you placed into developmental courses…what are your options?

Understanding your Placement

Review HCC's English and math placement matrix to see what course levels your scores have placed you in.

Retake the Accuplacer 

HCC follows the College Board’s recommendation allowing the Accuplacer to be taken twice in a two-year period of time.  If you feel that your score does not accurately reflect your academic ability, you may want to consider retesting. To prepare for retesting, use the resources Accuplacer Study App for English and math or for ESL to prepare for retesting. There is a $15 retest fee.  

In the free Accuplacer Study App, please start with the “Learn As You Go” section before taking the “Sample Test.”  Obtaining a score of at least 75% on the Sample Test without using any resources is a strong indicator that you will perform well on the Accuplaccer. You may retake all or just a section of Accuplacer. So, prepare for only what you will be retesting.

If you need support to prepare, please reach out to the Learning Support Center for free tutoring.

Register for Developmental Classes

If you feel your Accuplacer placement does reflect your current academic ability, you’re ready to take classes.  How do you determine what you need?  


Arithmetic and/or Reading

If your Accuplacer assessment was below the minimum required score in Arithmetic and/or Reading,  you may want to retest (refer to above) or consider taking a math and/or reading boot camp through the Adult Literacy Services Program. Boot camps are free of charge to build foundational skills needed for a successful college experience.

The minimum score in both arithmetic and reading are required to register for college credit courses including developmental classes. Having these foundational skills will help you to be successful in your college courses.

Studentship Readiness

Use Your Resources