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Construction Classes

Construction Classes

Construction Classes

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Construction Equipment Operator

Enhance your skills or launch a new career operating construction equipment. HCC’s 100-hour operator training focuses on creating a safe construction environment while learning the skills for on-the-job success. Hands-on operation includes the most common types of equipment found on the job site including skid loaders, graders, excavators, and backhoes. Optional dump truck driver training is available including CDL Class B licensing to increase your employment options.

What is the job outlook for Construction Equipment Operators?

Overall employment of construction equipment operators is projected to grow 12 percent from 2016 to 2026 – faster than the average for all occupations. Spending on infrastructure is expected to increase, resulting in new positions over the next 10 years. Workers who can operate multiple types of equipment should have the best job opportunities. The median annual wage for construction equipment operators was $45,040 in May 2016 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

What credentials can I earn through HCC’s program?

HCC’s Construction Equipment Operator class provides you with the skills to operate a variety of construction equipment. Successful class participants will receive a certificate of completion and 10 CEU’s in addition to their acquired skills. Topics include:

  • Safely using equipment at a work site
  • Performing inspection and equipment startup
  • Identifying preventive maintenance issues
  • Practicing digging and trenching operations
  • Moving and grading materials
  • Loading vehicles and securing materials

What classes are available?

  • Equipment Operator Introduction
    • Provides a comprehensive overview of construction equipment uses, operator responsibilities, career opportunities, and safety principles associated with the operation of construction equipment. Class also provides an overview of each type of equipment covered in the program, along with different models, applications, and common attachments.
  • Equipment Operator Skills
    • Provides basic instruction for the safe operation and preventive maintenance on a variety of construction equipment; including proper mounting, startup procedures, and basic movements of the machine and its attachments. Provides hands-on experience with each type of machine including skid loaders, excavators and back hoes.
  • Dump Truck Operator
    • An optional training program, the Dump Truck Operator class prepares you to obtain a commercial driver license (CDL) to operate a vehicle over 26,000 pounds, plus provides hands-on training for hauling, managing, and dumping loads. A CDL learner’s permit is required from your state of residency prior to this training program.


Participants must be 18 years of age or older and successfully pass a DOT drug screen. More information and program costs are available by calling 240-500-2236.

Tuition assistance for this program is available through the Workforce Development Sequence Scholarship.

Program Information


Construction Trades Core Classes

Focusing on apprenticeship or employment in the skilled trades, the two-course program will prepare individuals for Registered Apprenticeship in the construction/building trades. Registered Apprenticeship is available in the areas of HVAC, electrical, plumbing, and carpentry. The program covers the core apprenticeship curriculum of the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER), which is recognized in Maryland and surrounding states.

Topics include:

  • Identify employment opportunities in the construction field and the role of apprenticeship in developing a skilled trades person.
  • Discuss safety obligations to ensure a secure workplace.
  • Explain the application of basic mathematical functions to the construction industry.
  • Demonstrate the proper use of basic hand and power tools.
  • Demonstrate the ability to interpret and use drawing dimensions.
  • Explain how to safely move materials from one location to another on a job site and identify hazards associated with material handling.
  • Discuss and demonstrate effective written and verbal communication skills.
  • Discuss and role-play basic employability skills: critical thinking and decision-making, relationship skills, effective self-presentation, and teamwork.
  • Identify OSHA safety requirements and the individual’s role in creating a safe work environment.

Grant funding for this program is available through the Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing, and Regulation “Pre-Apprenticeship Innovation” grant.

Program Information


For more information, contact the Continuing Education office at 240-500-2236 or email

“This project was funded in whole or in part by funds received a grant program of the Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation.”

Mobile Crane Operator Certification

Meet OSHA’s new requirements for mobile crane operators. The five-day class covers required content and includes a skills and written exam for operator certification.

Topics Include:

  • Identify the causes and results of crane accidents
  • Properly interpret load charts
  • Conduct pre-operational inspection of mobile cranes
  • Perform safe rigging of a load
  • Safely operate a crane and perform pick and carry operations

Certification provided by CMIISS, an authorized instructor for Crane Institute of America

For more information, contact the Continuing Education office at 240-500-2236 or email

How do I register?

Students can register online or by phone, fax, or mail. To learn more, call 240-500-2236 or go to