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Administration of Justice

Administration of Justice

Administration of Justice

The Administration of Justice Program focuses on the system used by local, state, and federal government to maintain social control, enforce laws, and fairly and impartially manage and apply court decisions dealing with the 4th, 5th, and 6th amendments of the Constitution. Students will learn about the interaction and relationship of the system’s three major components: law enforcement the judicial system, and corrections. Individuals hired to work within the criminal justice field assume positions in local police, state, and federal law enforcement, correctional officers, private detectives and investigators, probation officers, correctional treatment specialists, security officers, and natural resources & animal control officers.

Administration of Justice

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Important Notice: Police and correctional candidates must be able to pass a comprehensive background investigation to determine that they are mentally, physically, and emotionally fit to perform law enforcement or correctional duties. (See Code of Maryland Regulations, Title 12, Subtitle 04, Chapter 01.)

Specific regulations governing the hiring and certifying of Maryland police officers
Regulations governing the hiring and certifying of Maryland correctional officers 



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Median salary for police and detectives


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Police and detective jobs in the U.S. 


Police and sheriff patrol officers employed in MD

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