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News in Brief

News in Brief

News in Brief


A Big "Thank You!" from the Public Information Office

The HCC Public Information Office would like to thank all the staff, faculty, and students who assisted with the dedication events this spring.

Departments who played a key role in making these events a success included:

  • English & Humanities
  • Facilities/Maintenance
  • Food Services
  • Mathematics & Science
  • Planning & Institutional Effectiveness
  • Reprographic Services

We could not have done it without you.Thank you!


Food Service Workers at the STEM FestivalPictured above: Food Service Workers (students and staff) at the STEM Festival on April 28, 2012. Food Services provided food for more than 700 people at HCC's first STEM Festival.

Department & Building Name Changes

As of July 1, several departments and campus buildings have been renamed.

New Department Names:

  • Institutional Advancement is now College Advancement
  • Continuing Education & Community Services is not Continuing Education & Business Services

In addition, Distance Education, Learning Technologies, and Library Services now fall under the department of Instructional Technology and Online Education.

New Building Names:

  • The Classroom Building has been renamed the Behavioral Sciences and Humanities Building (BSH)
  • The former Science Building has been renamed the Learning Support Center (LSC)

Other changes for fall 2012 include the relocation of the history program. History courses will now fall under the Behavioral & Social Sciences/Business Division instead of the English & Humanities Division.

New College Buses for Fall 2012

As of July 1, the 15-passenger vans are no longer be available for general use. To accommodate travel of larger groups, the College recently purchased two 33-passenger buses. The buses have been named after retired HCC coaches Jim Brown and Marlys Palmer.

Dr. Altieri and Coach Jim Brown Express

Dr. Altieri and Coach Marlys Palmer Express

These buses will be used for academic field trips, student activities, employee trips, continuing education destination courses, athletics, and other events that may be deemed appropriate.  Requests for vehicles, including the buses, should continue to be made utilizing the internal form located on the HCC website. The form can be found here: 

A determination will be made as to the vehicle(s) that is most appropriate to fit your needs by staff responsible for maintaining the fleet vehicles.

New HCC bus

Please note that the cost to use College fleet vehicles will no longer be absorbed by the Facilities Department. The charge-back will be for the activities listed above as well as departments that regularly use vehicles as part of day-to-day operations (for example, Campus Police and Mail Services). 

Departments will be charged back using a method similar to what is currently done for Reprographic Services or purchases made from the Campus Store. The charge for cars and minivans is 51 cents per mile and the cost for the buses is $1.25 per mile plus $19.38 per hour to cover expenses associated with the drivers. This charge-back system will enable more accurate cost-benefit studies of departments.

Drivers for the buses will be provided.  Please make requests early so that there is ample time to schedule drivers.

Questions should be directed to Anna Barker's office at ext. 2330.

Staff can buy surplus college inventory

Did you know that HCC sells all surplus or obsolete inventory on an online auction called

Once an item can no longer be used on campus, it is placed on the auction site, and the money earned is returned to the general fund to provide money towards on-going college needs. 

This partnership with GovDeals also addresses the Govenor’s “Smart, Green and Growing” initiative, by eliminating unnecessary driving or transporting of surplus assets and the need for bidders to travel to or from auction sites to view and bid on surplus assets, thereby greatly reducing emissions and our carbon footprint.  

Anyone can bid on the site by setting up a personal account and register to receive automatic notifications when a particular type of products goes up for bid, or a particular agency such as HCC list an item for sale. Each seller has their own terms, so review them carefully before bidding. The majority of auctions will require you to pick the items up in person; watch the location when placing your bids as agencies from coast to coast are posting on this website.  GovDeals’ advanced search feature allows you to search by state, proximity or product category.