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Please visit the faculty page for the Testing Center’s guide to Proctortrack.



Proctortrack was chosen as the automated proctoring solution for students testing at home. Proctortrack combines AI analysis with human quality assurance to catch testing violations with 99.5% accuracy. Testing is available 24/7, as is technical support.

Student Guide

Please access the Proctortrack Student Guide to familiarize yourself with Proctortrack. This document provides a detailed, step-by-step guide on what to expect when testing through Proctortrack.


Before students can take an exam through Proctortrack, they must be onboarded. This onboarding can take place in any class you are enrolled in (onboarding for more than one class is not necessary unless explicitly stated by your instructor). Onboarding creates your profile within Proctortrack and also ensures your system meets the minimum requirements for testing.

Note: Students who anticipate having to test on campus may take their onboarding in the Testing Center. Some instructors may require using Proctortrack even for students who test at the Testing Center. As a result, you may need to complete your Onboarding prior to any test. You may schedule your Onboarding exam via Registerblast by clicking “HCC Course Testing” > “Proctortrack Onboarding.”


Where do I download Proctortrack?
There is no public link to download Proctortrack – a download option will be provided to you when accessing your exam via the Proctortrack dashboard.

Where is the Proctortrack Dashboard?
In D2L, it is usually listed under Content. If you do not see it listed, under “Search Topics”, type in “Proctortrack” and it should appear. If it does not, please contact your instructor for more information.

What if my exam is not in D2L?
Although your exam may not be hosted in D2L, some instructors still require Proctortrack. This means you will still access your exam via the Proctortrack Dashboard. Proctortrack will redirect you outside of D2L to the correct location of your exam.

Known Issues / Troubleshooting

  • Mac users – please review this guide to allow Proctortrack access to your system.
  • Safari browser – ensure cookies are enabled.


For general inquiries, please reach out to the Testing Center at

For technical inquiries, please contact Proctortrack via the Live Chat feature from the Proctortrack Dashboard. Alternatively, you may reach Proctortrack at or 1-844-753-2020.