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Non-IST/WEB majors

Keyboarding for non-IST majors can be done through taking the traditional IST 101 course or by taking IST 101 Credit-by-Exam (see below for details).

IST/WEB Majors

Keyboarding requirements for graduation for IST/WEB majors may be handled in one of three ways:

  • Taking IST 101 (both online and face-to face classes are available; check each semester’s schedule); the student receives one credit upon successful completion
  • Taking IST 101 Credit-by-Exam (the student pays for the course, takes a timed typing and written exam); the student receives one credit upon successful completion
  • Taking and successfully passing a timed typing; the student does not receive credit, but must substitute another course (1, 2, or 3 credit) (see below for this process)

Keyboarding as a requirement for a graduation for IST majors is being phased out. You need to check with your faculty advisor (Trudy Gift: 240-500-2214 or Karen Weil-Yates: 240-500-2446) to determine if you need to take the course; it will be dependent upon the course catalog (year) under which you entered college. Many students may be able to move to the current catalog through Self-Serivce/WebAdvisor.

IST 101 Credit-by-Exam

The Process
This exam consists of a timed typing and a written exam. Students opting for this choice must:

  1. Print and complete the Credit-By-Exam form
  2. Obtain signature from the director of Technology and Computer Studies
  3. Pay the Credit-by Exam fee ($78.60) at the Finance Office (ASA 300)
  4. Make an appointment for the exam with Karen Weil-Yates (select one of the dates posted below or if none suits ask for an alternative date or time)
  5. Review the documents
  6. Take the exam during the scheduled time; be sure to bring the completed, signed form with you
  7. The form will be signed and sent to the Office of Instruction. Credit will be awarded through that office with a student earning a Satisfactory grade. Unsatisfactory grades will also be submitted, but no credit given. Should a student receive an Unsatisfactory, they must take the course (either on-line or face-to-face)

Exam Contents

The Credit-by Exam consists of two parts: a timed typing and a written exam. Students will take up to two timed typings of two minutes each. To pass, students must key (type) at a minimum of 22 words per minute with two errors. This means that the student actually keys at 20 words per minute (one word is deducted for each error). Thus if a student is practicing, his or her goal should be 44 words for a two-minute typing. You are permitted to backspace the current word only; no spellchecking is permitted.

The written part of exam consists of multiple choice, true/false and short answer questions with the following topics:

  • Ergonomics (posture and technique)
  • Rules of grammar and punctuation
  • Locating, marking, and counting errors